701 the movie
Tracy Torme

TRACY TORME, Writer/Director
Peabody award winning Screen writer and producer, Tracy Torme has a bio too long to completely include on this site, but to mention a few of his credits...Tracy became a creator of television as well as a show runner and a film maker, credits include Saturday Night Live, Star Trek Next Generation, Contact, I am Legend, Carnivale, Intruders, Odyssey Five, Fire In The Sky, The True Story of Travis Walton, The five year Fox Network series Sliders... he has worked with Bob Dylon, Buddy Rich, and Howard Stern to name a few. We are extremely fortunate to have Tracy on board with 701 the movie.

Tony Cataldo

Hollywood producer, Tony Cataldo has made over a dozen feature films, and worked with actors/directors such as Gus Van Sant, Anthony Hopkins, Christopher Walken, and Brooke Shields to name a few. Tony was Chairman and CEO of Miracle Entertainment (formerly Cannon Films) for four years. His collective experience from film producing, fundraising to distribution makes Tony a key member of the 701 team.

James Fox

JAMES FOX, Director
James was born in England and raised in New York and California. He began his journalism career early in life as an assistant to father/writer Charles Fox, a quadriplegic with Multiple Sclerosis. Together they travelled on many magazine assignments from Rolling Stone, Car & Driver to Sports Illustrated. James finished and sold his first documentary to Discovery by the time he was 28. He has since completed 5 films for the likes of Sci-Fi and History Channel and has made frequent appearances on the Larry King Show, Night Line, Dateline, Anderson Cooper and others. His latest film on UFOs, I Know What I Saw, is being distributed by A&E and Content Films International.

Ines Romero

Former Danish model, Ines Romero has been researching UFOs most of her life. After completing a degree in psychology from San Francisco State University, Ines moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting. She worked on several Hollywood films such as: Invasion, The Island, Bicentennial Man, Bewitched as well as NBC's Chuck and many others. Ines's experience in Hollywood and her familiarity with UFOs make her a great part of the 701 team.

Tracy Torme

TOBIAS McGRIFF, Executive Producer
Tobias McGriff is the author of the regional bestseller Savannah Shadows, Founder of Blue Orb Tours in Savannah, Ga and is a content contributor to paranormal programming such as SYFY's Haunted Highway. He is a frequent guest on national programs (Coast to Coast with George Noory, Art Bell's Dark Matter) and is the creator of the hit podcast Supernatural Science. In 2013 Tobias Co-Founded Blue Orb Cinema and has worked with James Fox (Out of the Blue) on his environmental film, Pretty Slick. He is currently filming two feature documentaries; Modern Hauntings and Lights Over Leary. Tobias studied History at Oxford University and his research abilities and media presence make Tobias a key member of the 701 team.

Tracy Torme

HANSON TSE, Executive Producer
Hanson Tse is a critically-acclaimed actor and the founder of WAMBI Exploration (Wisdom through Awareness and Mind Body Integration). As a performer, he originated the role of Junpei in Haruki Murikami's after the quake by Frank Galati at Steppenwolf Theatre and the role of Vince Lee in Naomi Izuka's Strike-Slip at the Humana Festival of New Plays among others. His television appearances include The Unit and One Life to Live. The craft of acting was Hanson's entry point into the study of human experience culminating in his life's work, the theory and practice of WAMBI Exploration. An executive producer on 701, Hanson is dedicated to exploring the truth of the topic and its implications for mankind.

Tracy Torme

BEAU KESTER, Director of Photography
Beau Kester is from New York and is known for his rare expertise in both photography and cinematography. Beau rose to prominence for his freelance work in New York before relocating to Savannah, Georgia to work under the direction of legendary architectural photographer, musician and Indie filmmaker, Richard Leo Johnson. Beau's architectural photography is often featured in national publications such as Elegant Homes, Cottage Style, Decór and has included high profile designers such as Norwalk Furniture, and 24e Design Co. In 2013 Beau Co-Founded Blue Orb Cinema with author and filmmaker, Tobias McGriff. Aside from his work on 701, Beau is currently completing two full feature documentaries; Modern Hauntings and Lights Over Leary.